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The man with a stick is repairing his house. He pursues all hair flying around (to get building material). The two giants help him by carrying out a show outside. (To attract donors).

Explanation of characters by Herbert A. Giles

Hsiu is composed of 彡 shan feather ornamentation as radical, with 攸 yu to move in water, as phonetic. It means to embellish, to repair, and has been classed by K'ang Hsi under radical 人 jen man, though its congener 脩 hsiu dried meat, salary of teachers, appears correctly under radical 肉 (月 in combination) jou meat. The character 身 shên is here understood from the text of The Great Learning, which Dr. Legge renders by "the person;" but this is ambiguous, and destroys the numerical climax.

Chinese-English (CC-CEDICT)

to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to write/to cultivate/to study/to take (a class)/surname Xiu

dried meat/private teacher's remuneration/withered/variant of 修[xiu1]

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Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072), Northern Song dynasty prose writer and historian

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