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Imjagpul (legacy data - reimport)

Trees can have such-and-such fruits (sweet or not). Hmm, the this tree has fruits that are sweet (and the tree is certainly willing to get rid of them). It's like somebody has added sugar from above of the tree. Teddy decorates the fruits with his mousse (to make them even sweeter).


Explanation of characters by Herbert A. Giles

Mou is composed of 木 mu wood as radical, and 甘 kan sweet. It originally meant sour plums, explained exactly as lucus a non lucendo. An old dictionary says, "Things of which the names are not known are mou." The term 某人 mou jen a certain man, is used in reading as a substitute for the personal names of Confucius and Mencius, which may not be uttered.

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some/a certain/sb or sth indefinite/such-and-such

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