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If you have a high culture, never allow your thread to get tangled! "Let me tangle it at least once!" the Teddy begs.


Explanation of characters by Herbert A. Giles

Wên is composed of 文 wên streaks as phonetic, with 糹ssŭ, silk as radical. It signifies confusion such as that of a tangled skein, but something more is required to bring out the sense, which is that no one can be allowed to shirk the practice of the five virtues in however trifling a degree. Julien has, "These cardinal virtues must not be confounded (disturbed in their order);" Père Zottoli, "ista quinque officia non patiuntur perturbari;" and Eitel, "These are the five constant factors of morality, which do not admit of any confusion." All three renderings are obviously inadequate.

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involved/tangled/disorderly/confused/chaotic/Taiwan pr. [wen4]

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