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Chinese basil
"Did you manage the grass garten restaurations? What is that plant over there?" "It's Chinese basil." The giant wants to grow it here and sell to supermarkets.


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see 囉囌|啰苏[luo1 su1]

variant of 蘇|苏[su1]/to revive

Perilla frutescens (Chinese basil or wild red basil)/place name/to revive/used as phonetic in transliteration/surname Su/abbr. for Soviet Union 蘇維埃|苏维埃 or 蘇聯|苏联/abbr. for Jiangsu province 江蘇|江苏/abbr. for Suzhou city 蘇州|苏州

old variant of 蘇|苏[su1]

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sage (herb)
Aqsu wilayiti or Aksu prefecture in Xinjiang/Aqsu shehiri or Aksu city

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