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The pigeon has a tooth that is very elegant. Or had one, until Teddy pulled it out with a yarn.


Explanation of characters by Herbert A. Giles

Ya is composed of 隹 chui short-tailed birds (obsolete) as radical, and 牙 ya teeth as phonetic, and originally meant a crow, daw, etc., for which 鴉, with 鳥 niao birds, has been substituted. It came to mean refined, but is here the title of a section of the Book of Poetry, subdivided into Lesser Ya and Greater Ya, the former being sung at ordinary entertainments given by the suzerain, and the latter on grand occasions when the feudal princes were gathered together.

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Nivea, skin and body care brand
L'Oréal (French cosmetics company)
Uriah (name)
Uzziah son of Amaziah, king of Judah c. 750 BC
Pattaya, Thailand
variant of 帕塔亞|帕塔亚[Pa4 ta3 ya4]/Pattaya or Phatthaya city in Chon Buri province of east Thailand
Julia (name)

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