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If the earth were not red, I would think it comes from Egypt. Actually, it is from Egypt - but you asked the giant to paint it with iodine (to deceive the custom office).
to betroth
The chivalrous knight was about to cut his ear off, to show he was earnest the he wanted to betroth her. Fortunately, a pin thrown by the dwarf hit the sword before he could do it (he was hammering something nearby, and as he saw what was about to happen, he intervened - as he didn't want him to lose his ear).
chivalrous knight
Because he was choked from fear as he spoke with him, the chivalrous knight has let him live. Too bad he was killed by the giant's ping pong ball (an accident) soon.
As he realized he could actually lose the car, he stopped being dilatory. He even tried bribing the dwarf not to write it on down on the easel.
The command (from a general) required the teeth to be examinated when the soldiers reach a certain age. The fairy looks if they are still linked properly.
Getting another illness caused the life to be even more difficult for him, as he was paralyzed. The only distraction he has is hearing the giant speaking throught the tannoy on the street.
The want to convert the grain in something less conspicuous, hoping to deceive the person in the customs house. However, they fail to cheat the ghostly dwarf guarding the border. He would never let anybody away with a pile of shallots in their sack.
He was considering what to wish for Christmas. It was a hard decision, because he was lacking almost everythig. In the end, only some sobbing could be heard out of his room. The giant comes 'round with his sheep, trying to console him.
to snort
When he came to the living quarters, he found out his reservation was void! It seems he will be lacking a place to sleep tonight. Thinking of that, he started to snort. Fortunately the giant passerby offered him to sleep in his shoe - well, better than having to sleep in pouring rain.
to grip
Going uphill he was waving around his hand, trying to grip something. The dwarf is not able to walk anymore: "Eeee".
(After hearing a joke about Russia,) Harry says, threating: "What if I am from Russia too?" "Eh, you would have a Russian accent then." the fairy deduces.
shuttle of a loom
(The emperor sees a tree in the woods) Feel free to bestow some of my riches on the owner of this tree - I want it to be the shuttle of my top-quality loom. The dwarf is happy, as he got a jewel (as a payment for his tree).
"What tree do you think would benefit me at most (if I had it in garden)?""What about a pear tree?" The fairy leaps every time she thinks of pears (she loves them so much).
hanging screen
They are making holes in the big towel, to serve as a hanging screen in their new shop. The two fairies want to open shop selling lentils (and the holes are shaped as a lentil).
forking branch
If you will see any exotic trees on your trip to Asia, please bring me a forking branch of each kind. The giant will then analyze it to see what kind of tree might be useful for producing yarns.
to carry on one's shoulder
His hands were completely destroyed by the work, but he didn't want to lose his job, so he carried the load on his shoulders. The fairy summons a cangaroo to help him.
to cleanse
The tree liked to be cleansed with rain water. The dwarf's mood, however, goes down because of such a bad weather.
guiding principle
As you go, place the thread along the path following the ridge - it will be the guiding principle. The giant will then go there and use the thread to guide the gang.
If you have a high culture, never allow your thread to get tangled! "Let me tangle it at least once!" the Teddy begs.
Oraza sativa
"Ladle out the grain! Who could have thrown it there?" "Since it is Oraza sativa (common Asian rice), it was probably the big evil rice merchant." But the dwarf doubts this conclusion (would not it be too obvious?)