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Imjagpul (legacy data - reimport)

guard against
They were stading in front of the entry, each had a dagger, holding it in two hands. They had to guard it against any intruders. The two dwarfs want nobody in the jelly cakes factory.


Explanation of characters by Herbert A. Giles

Chieh is composed of 廾 kung two hands grasping 戈 ko a spear, as if in readiness to meet an attack. The former was its old radical, but it was classed by the editors of K'ang Hsi's standard dictionary under ko.

Chinese-English (CC-CEDICT)

to guard against/to exhort/to admonish or warn/to give up or stop doing sth/Buddhist monastic discipline/ring (for a finger)

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Zhu Bajie, character in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记, with pig-like characteristics and armed with a muckrake/Pigsy in Arthur Waley's translation

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